ElectriCool is a full service, whole home comfort provider focusing on electrical safety/performance and heating/cooling comfort and quality.

ELECTRICOOL is built on a lifetime of electrical and HVAC experience. Whole home comfort achieved when your electrical system and HVAC system is in harmony with your home.
Scheduled safety and performance checks on new and existing electrical and HVAC systems help extend the life of equipment and ensure it is safe to operate year after year.

Call now to save money on a yearly maintenance agreement to ensure your system is properly protecting you and saving you money.(Why?) Over 15 years of field service and install combined with a professional education in Electrical Maintenance Technology and Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration Technology.Up to date classroom and field training are at the front of customer service to best serve you.

Universal Refrigeration License, EPA 60812/2005
2-Year Certificate Program-HVAC technology, Belmont Technical College.06/2007
Electrical/HVAC Technology course, Ultimate Technical Academy.04/2011
Certified Natural Gas Furnace, A/C and Heat Pump Installation, N.A.T.E. (North American Technician Excellence)06/2011
Professional Electrician, Success Academy.01/2012
Home Electrical Advisor, Success Academy.02/2012
Associated Degree- Electrical Maintenance Technology, Stark State College of Technology.05/2015
Professional Electrician, Success Academy.06/2015
Generator/ Rewire Professional Advisor,  Success Academy.06/2015
Generator Field Service Technician, Briggs and Stratton Corporation, Standby Power Group.05/2016
Exam Prep-National electrical code application, mechanical code application, John MacQuarrie Associates.04/2017
Advanced Air-cooled Generator Service Technician, Certified Installer, Briggs and Stratton Corporation, Standby Power Group.05/2017
HVAC License, Electrical License, Small Business License,State of OHIO                                    License #48275.04/2017
Residential HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing Jay's Heating and Cooling, Repair Company 2004-2007
Lead HVAC Installation Technician,    K. Hovnanian Homes, National top 10 Homebuilder , USA  .2007-2010
Electrical Division Development Manager, HVAC Service, Install Jennings's Heating, Cooling and Electric, AAA Rated, BBB accredited business.2010-2017
Establishment and opening of ELECTRICOOL, LLC. to conduct business with the public as a private entity, providing customers with "A higher level of service". 2017-Current
10 Hour License training, Harry Warner & Associates, LLC.09/17
Advanced Air-cooled Generator Service Technician, Certified Installer Briggs and Stratton Corporation, Standby Power Group.03/2018
HomeAdvisor Pro- Electrical Contractor 5 STAR Reviews12/2018
BNI- Business Networking International- World's greatest business referral organization12/2018
BBB- Invited to and joined the Canton Better Business Bureau accredited business03/2019
10 Hour license training, Harry Warner & Associates, LLC.03/2019
GOOGLE 5 star business rating03/2019